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Dear Membership and affiliates of Green Cross,

We are thrilled to present you with the opportunity to present a workshop on your research and expertise at our first annual Green Cross conference with the Florida Mental Health Counselors’ Association (FMHCA) in Lake Mary, Florida, February 1-3, 2018.
I strongly invite you to consider joining us to share your area of work, research, best practices, and techniques in treating trauma survivors and first responders, with our Green Cross membership. This is an extraordinary privilege we hope you will be a part of, as we seek to grow in competence, expertise, and networking together at our annual conference. Dr. Charles Figley and his wife Kathy have already agreed to present at the conference, and this is an opportunity to promote new insights and best practices for treating traumatized populations, compassion fatigue, and related topics alongside our such esteemed founders. Your proposal, due by August 31st, will be reviewed by Dr. Keyes and another Green Cross board member for our track at the FMHCA Conference. Please do not hesitate to submit an application; we look forward to growing together as a result of the fantastic work you have done in this field.

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