Deployment Status Information

Here you will find urgent messages and up-to-date information on active Green Cross deployments.

Deployment Status: ACTIVE

Green Cross has been ACTIVATED to deploy, and we have a sent a small team from our training site in Arlington, Virginia, to assist with relief in Immokalee, Florida.


We are ON STANDBY for Hurrican  Maria, particularly for St. Thomas, and Puerto Rico.  Please write in your certification level and availability for the month of December, Certification Level, and proficiency in Spanish, to so that we may prepare and form Green Cross Deployment teams.





Green Cross relies on your donations to help during times of Crisis or Disaster. Please consider donating to assist First Responders and Survivors in their time of need. Your Donations are Fully Tax Deductible as Green Cross is a 501c3 Organization.

Green (READY)= Ready to deploy

Yellow (ALERT)= Evaluating the potential of deployment

Red (DEPLOYED)= Currently serving in a location