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The courses required to obtain Green Cross certification are supplied by the Center for Trauma Studies at Regent University and FEMA.  At the completion of a course you will receive a certificate as evidence of having taken the course.  This is evidence only that you have completed the necessary coursework and earned the corresponding credit hours.


To become officially certified, you must apply to the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology.  After attaining membership and supplying the appropriate course completion certificates, the participant may become officially certified.

GC Certified

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F2F Training

Take a training course at an accredited training sites.

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Level 1

Obtain GC Membership


1. Completed application

2. Membership fee


Level 2

Compassion Fatigue Educator (CFE)


1. Compassion Stress Management Course
2. Self Care Plan

Level 3

Compassion Fatigue Therapist (CFT)


1. Compassion Fatigue Educator Certification 

2. Compassion Fatigue Therapist Course

Level 4

Field Traumatologist (FT)


1. CFE and CFT

2. Disaster Trauma Course

3. Pass Exam

4. Introduction to Incidental Command (IS-100)

5. National Incident Management  (IS-700)

6. A Citizen’s Guide to Disaster Assistance (IS-22)

Level 5

Certified Traumatologist (CT)


1. Field Traumatologist Certification (FT)

2. Assessment and Treatment of PTSD Course

3. Treating Traumatized Families Course

4. Brief Treatment Method: EMDR Course

5. 20 hours of Clinical Supervision

6. 100 hours of Direct Practice

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