Below are the basic requirements needed for deployments with the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology:

  • Be an active registered member (no lapse in membership fees).
  • Be a certified Compassion Fatigue Educator and Compassion Fatigue Practitioner
  • Need to have completed these courses: Grief & Loss and Psychological First Aid.
  • Willing to take some of the FEMA courses online needed by Green Cross.

Prior training from other organizations will be evaluated and accepted based on our own standard of training.

For any other inquiries please contact us via email at


All our members are invited to consider volunteering their time, skills, and talents in supporting the refugees and other first responders in Russia and Ukraine. As an international, non-profit, and humanitarian agency, it is important that we are there for those who are in need of our services. We have been receiving several invitations to provide services online and we count on all our members to respond generously.

If interested please contact us via email at