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To become officially certified with us, you must apply to the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology for membership, indicating the certifications you wish to achieve, and evidence that you have completed certification requirements. Submit your membership application, resume, and certification requirement pieces to

Here is our certification checklist to find out what you need, which can also be found at the bottom of this page.  Once you have attained membership, and supplied the corresponding course completion certificates, your application will be reviewed for certification.

The courses required to obtain Green Cross certification are provided by our training sites, such as the Center for Trauma and Resiliency Studies at Divine Mercy University in Sterling VA, and New Vita Academy of Traumatology in Virginia Beach, as well as FEMA.  Most courses may be taken in person, virtually, or asynchronously online. At the completion of each course you will receive a course certificate, which is evidence that you have completed the necessary coursework and earned the corresponding credit hours for your intended certification. Please don't hesitate to contact us at, or (571)-302-3486 if you have any questions!

GC Certified

Asynchronous Online Training

Take an asynchronous online training course.

Register for Online Training

All courses listed here were taped at Regent University. Course material is focused on Green Cross however some discussions will sometimes include spiritual discussions and an opening prayer due to the orientation of the University. As other sites develop online training, those will also be listed on this page in the future.

F2F Training

Take a training course at an accredited training sites.

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Level 1

Obtain GC Membership


1. Completed application and resume submitted to

2. Membership Fee of 95$ (55$ if a Green Cross course has been taken within the last month) paid here via PayPal or sent by check to:

Green Cross Academy of Traumatology

c/o Divine Mercy University

45154 Underwood Lane

Sterling, VA 20166


Level 2

Compassion Fatigue Educator (CFE)

  1. Membership
  2. Compassion Stress Management Course
  3. Self Care Plan

Level 3

Compassion Fatigue Therapist (CFT)

1. Compassion Fatigue Educator Certification 
2. Compassion Fatigue Therapist Course

Level 4

Field Traumatologist (FT)

1. CFE and CFT Certification

2. Disaster Trauma Course

3. Introduction to Incidental Command (IS-100) 

4. National Incident Management  (IS-700)

5.Protecting Your Home or Small Business From Disaster (IS-394)

Level 5

Certified Traumatologist (CT)

1. Field Traumatologist Certification (FT)

2. Assessment and Treatment of PTSD Course

3. Treating Traumatized Families Course

4. Brief Treatment Method: EMDR Course

5. 20 hours of Clinical Supervision

6. 100 hours of Direct Practice

Level 6

Master Traumatologist (MT)

1. Certified Traumatologist Certification (CT)

2. 7 years full-time or 15 years part-time work in trauma/private practice treating predominantly trauma

3. Grief and Loss Course

4. Psychological First Aid Course

5. Treating Sexual Trauma Course

6. Treating Complex Trauma Course (ex. HEART model)

7. EMDR Level II Course (or similar certificate: TIR, Through Field Therapy, etc.)

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