Welcome to the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology, an international, humanitarian assistance, non-profit corporation, established in 1997 to bring together world leaders in the study of traumatology for the purpose of establishing and maintaining professionalism and high standards in the care of trauma victims and responders throughout the world.

Green Cross relies on your donations to help during times of crisis or disaster. Please consider donating to assist First Responders and Survivors in their time of need. We are currently deployed to New Bern, NC. Your donations are fully tax deductible as Green Cross is a 501c3 Organization.


Deployment Status:
ACTIVATED - North Carolina


ACTIVATED - California

ALERT- Pensacola, Florida

We have just been ACTIVATED to deploy to assist with the fires in California and are still Active in North Carolina and the US Virgin Islands.


We are still on ALERT to assists in Florida with the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.


 If you are interested in being considered to be part of a future Green Cross deployment team please send us your contact and Green Cross certification level information by emailing gcatofficemanager@gmail.com. We are maintaining a list and will give priority to those living in the area or adjacent states, however, we will take names and information from all interested members.


Deployment Details

GC Certified

Training & CE

Earn continuing education units and work towards your certifications in a self-paced online environment or in a face-to-face classroom setting.


Training Courses



Join and earn certifications as a Compassion Fatigue Educator, Compassion Fatigue Therapist, Certified Traumatologist, and Field Traumatologist.


Join Now!

Join Green Cross at the Florida Mental Health Counselors Association (FHMCA) Annual Meeting in Lake Mary, FL  January 31, 2019 through February 2, 2019. A two-day, EMDR Level 1 training will be offered on January 31,2019 through February 2, 2019.


Conference Information can be found by visiting the FHMCA website at https://fmhca.wildapricot.org/


To register for the EMDR Level 1 training, please visit https://fmhca.wildapricot.org/event-2973949


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- Mahatma Gandhi

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